4 Reasons to Procrastinate and 5 Good Reasons Not To

Do you currently suffer from that nagging feeling in your mind, and in your gut, that the end of 2013 is looming, just a few short weeks away, and you have yet to accomplish the multitude of projects you had hoped to complete before the New Year appears shouting loudly "Out with the old, and in with the new"!?

Are you really good at telling yourself it is Ok to procrastinate when there are things you should be doing but don't want to do because "tomorrow is another day"? 

Do lame excuses come to mind such as "I work best under enormous amounts of pressure" or
"its not a good time to tackle this project " or "I should wait to talk about that touchy topic with my spouse or parent until a better day comes along next month"?

Are you avoiding the inevitable? Or just anxious about it?

Here are 4 "good" reasons people procrastinate:

1. You don't know how to do it and need help 

2. It's really boring or not enjoyable

3. You just don't feel up to the task

4.  Someone else will take care of it  

The problem with this rationalization as these reasons relate to planning for the inevitable, is that you will be too late to have your wishes honored when you die.  You might also be too late to save your family lots of money, valuable time, mountains of stress, and some very unpleasant family arguments that will arise after your death.

But you have the chance today to change all that.

Thumbs Up!

 Here are 5 "good" reasons not to procrastinate

1. Death is inevitable and everyone dies-you just don't know when 

2. Avoidance won't solve any problems

3. You can achieve your goals, wishes or intentions

4. You can reduce stress by acting now

5. Your kids will be so grateful 

So before the end of 2013, here are some easy-to-do tasks to tackle so you can say you didn't finish up 2013 procrastinating!  

1.  Unsubscribe from your email lists daily

2. Unsubscribe from all those direct mail (catalogs) that clog your mailbox

3.  Delete, clean out, or toss old photos and photo albums

4. Shred old tax records and papers

5. Donate or toss dusty unused holiday decor

Most of all, get your estate plan in order and have those touchy topic conversations with your loved ones!  Communicate your wishes now!  Every little bit of information conveyed will help your loved ones in the end.

Are you a procrastinator?

Let's talk! I might be able to motivate you!  Don't leave your to-do list for someone else to do.  It's time to break those old habits and begin 2014 with some new habits!