Dr. Karen Wyatt Showcases The LastingMatters Organizer in End-of-Life University Podcast

Dr. Karen Wyatt is a family practice and hospice physician and an award winning author of "What Really Matters" and "The Tao of Death". She is the founder of the End-of-Life University where one can find educational resources helping to improve end-of-life care in our society.

Dr. Wyatt recently highlighted several excellent books about the end-of-life in her Podcast "Episode 56 End-of-Life Book Showcase".  Her list placed The LastingMatters Organizer by Barbara Bates Sedoric in the second spot.

Dr. Wyatt remarks "this looks extremely helpful because one of the things I've discovered as I am doing my own health care directive is that I tend to have separate files, and little spiral notebooks and notes, and things scattered a bit that I think it might be hard for my loved ones to gather in the event of my death and the Organizer is a fantastic place to just keep everything together in one place".