"Hope is Not a Plan" Article Published in FrontBurnerMama Magazine

The 2015 spring issue of the on-line FrontBurnerMama Magazine, dedicated to helping moms find balance in their busy lives, has hit the internet - and the theme this spring is "Hope".

Barbara Bates Sedoric, President and Founder of LastingMatters, points out that thousands of critically important end-of-life and after death decisions are currently being made without the benefit of advanced planning. Sedoric urges us not to "wing it" when planning for the inevitable. Relying on memories and hope alone tends to be problematic.

Hoping that everything will turn out for the best after the death of a loved one is not a good plan- but planning can bring about hope and peace of mind. Sedoric says "making a clear plan for life's greatest transition means that you care about your family and friends".

In the end, it's better to be prepared for the worst, and hope for the best.