The LastingMatters Organizer

Organizing your most personal intentions

By Barbara Bates Sedoric

The LastingMatters Organizer provides an easy, affordable and comprehensive way to document and organize your personal wishes and intentions related to end-of-life planning and planning for death, helping to ensure peace of mind for your loved ones.

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The Organizer

An easy-to-use planning tool

  • Provides peace-of-mind in planning for death and a companion guide to estate planning 

  • Organizes personal information in a manageable way

  • Ensures personal wishes are documented and honored

  • Saves time and money, and reduces family stress

  • PDF or print format allows information to be easily shared with family, trusted advisors and estate planning attorneys.

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“Death is inevitable and everyone dies. Yet it is extraordinarily difficult to face and to discuss with loved ones. At the same time, planning for death is an absolute necessity to save grieving family members and friends from chaos and confusion during an emotionally challenging time.”

– Barb Sedoric



Barbara SedoricBarbara Bates Sedoric

On May 4, 2006, my cell phone rang and my brother spoke. He said “Mom’s dead” and my world immediately turned upside down. Panic, tears, and uncontrollable grief engulfed what was once a beautiful sunny morning. My mom’s sudden death was an extreme shock. Read more