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Barb Sedoric

Meet Barbara Bates Sedoric

Barbara Bates Sedoric is Founder and President of LastingMatters and Author of The LastingMatters Organizer.

Barbara gained her comprehensive and sensitive understanding of the importance of life directives and planning ahead for any kind of life-changing event, such as incapacity and death, in her career as an Estates and Trusts paralegal.  Barb is an Architect of Change for MariaShriver.com and an Expert for APlaceforMom.com.

A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Connecticut College, Barb comes from three generations of wealth managers and her husband, Thomas, is Managing Director of The Sedoric Group. Barb and Tom live with their family in Rye, New Hampshire.

Barb's Estates and Trusts training, together with her personal experience following her mother's sudden death, was the inspiration behind LastingMatters.