April 2013

Death and Taxes

April 19, 2013

 Tax day, April 15th, has passed and you have either successfully filed your tax returns in a timely fashion, filed for an extention kicking the can down the street until the August filing date, or you will not have bothered with your taxes at all and you will get it done when you are good and ready to do so!

Frequent Flyer Miles

April 12, 2013

Have you saved up miles on various airlines for years just waiting for that special day when you will call them into action?

Will you use them to upgrade your back of the plane coach seat to first class, or to travel across one of the oceans to explore another continent, or perhaps to take a free airplane trip to a long awaited and fabulous dream destination?

I have saved some.  Well, not thousands of miles, but enough to do something I suppose.