Brittany Maynard's End-of-Life Planning

Brittany Maynard died peacefully on Saturday November 1, 2104, surrounded by her family and loved ones. Brittany chose to end her own life. That was her plan.

Brittany, a 29 year-old newlywed, made a choice to end her own life before the terminal cancer that invaded her brain took away that choice. Brittany also chose to share her end-of-life planning and journey with the rest of us.

While you may or may not agree with her decision, her story and her journey with respect to end-of-life planning has ignited a debate and enlivened conversations about death and dying in coffee shops, dinner tables, and social gatherings around the world.

She changed the audience of this debated topic, taking it to social media outlets such as Facebook and YouTube, even catapulting her story and photograph onto the cover of People magazine.  Brittany illuminated a difficult conversation that needs addressing.  Some may say that her death was sensationalism at its finest. Others applauded her courage to share her end-of-life planning with the world and her outspoken videos discussing her right to choose how to end her life. 

Brittany’s name is now part of and woven into the ongoing debate about end-of-life choices and her notoriety will be talked about for years to come as we grapple with this controversial right-to-death movement.

No matter which side of the debate you sit on, end-of-life planning is the greatest gift you can give those left behind. No doubt, Brittany has planned her own funeral or memorial service, with her own personal touch, to celebrate the 29 years she spent with her loved ones on this earth.