Introducing The LastingMatters Organizer- End-of-Life Planning Guide

The official launch of The LastingMatters Organizer was held at The Water Street Bookstore, Exeter, New Hampshire on Thursday May 22, 2014 after three years of research, writing and designing the Organizer and the website at

This was my first public speaking engagement bringing this groundbreaking tool to the public. 

You may be wondering why do we all need The LastingMatters Organizer?

To best answer that question, I'd like to share with you some stories.

Several years ago, I began asking people who I knew had experienced the death of a family member the following question:

What do you wish you had known about your loved one that would have saved your family time, money, stress or a family argument after your loved one's death?

You can imagine the responses I got:

  • a couple had recently moved into a newly built home with several safes built into the walls.  The wife never told her husband the combinations and she died suddenly.  The safes had to be removed from the walls and a locksmith hired to break into them to determine the content.
  • while cleaning out his mother's desk months after her funeral and burial, a son found a file with specific instructions, written by his mother, of her wishes to be cremated and her ashes scattered in her favorite spots.
  • a story about an ongoing family argument among siblings who all disagree as to where their mom's ashes should be buried-so her urn, with her ashes inside, remains 15 years later on a shelf in someone's basement.
  • when writing an obituary for their mother, in the midst of grief, the family almost submitted to local newspapers her obituary without mentioning her only surviving sisters name.
  • someone told me the story of forgetting to call a relative in Canada about their mother's death.  The Canadian relatives found out about their loved one's death after the funeral service had already taken place.
  • One sibling informed me of arguments among relatives over the final disposition of cars, jewelry, artwork and other personal effects.
  • One person found an organ donation card with direct written instructions from his father about donating his body, written on a note found in dad's desk after his father had already been cremated.

Each story illuminates the problem at hand when a loved one dies. The lack of access to important information and the lack of direct communication of the wants and wishes of the deceased creates huge problems that could nave been easily avoided.

The stories would have all been different had the proper information been communicated.

The LastingMatters Organizer is the most practical solution to this problem, presenting a practical way to help any adult, at any age, plan for the inevitable, reducing the time, costs, stress and family arguments associated with the death of a loved one.

Your loved ones will find what matters most to you and the answers to the following quesitons:

  • What do you have?
  • Where is it located?
  • What do you want?
  • What are your intentions?

Give the gift of being prepared-to yourself and for the sake of your loved ones.

Send me your comments, and share your own stories by contacting LastingMatters via the website

Carpe Diem!