Let's Be Candid

Honestly. No one really enjoys talking about death do they?

And no one really enjoys bringing up a very delicate topic that can create that weird silent gap in a conversation between child and parent or visa versa, do they?

But we should all make our own plan and then communicate it.  Or, communicate it first then document it.


Because  you will be doing something so beneficial for those left behind that they will be able to perform that monumental  job of assembling all the troops, putting all of your assets in order, and making sure that your wishes come true in a coherent, methodical way, and then they will be sweeping up the crumbs that may have fallen through the cracks.

It's time to be candid.

Clearly death is the ultimate crisis. Let's get ready for the inevitable.
Tell me your "crisis story" and some thoughts as to how, if planned, that moment could have been smoother.
I'd like to hear about what fell through the cracks.