Let's Get It Started

You know how hard it is sometimes to just "get started"?

And I mean to start anything?

Especially doing things that you have put off doing, want to put off doing, don't want to do, or think "maybe I can do that later"?

Like the task of switching your closet from your summer clothes to fall clothes, or cleaning out the attic or the inside of your oven, or having those honest conversations about tough topics?

Starting this Boo's Bucket List Blog fits into that category. But here it is.

The reason to get it started is because I want to have a conversation with you. And the only way to get it started is to take that leap of faith, begin typing, and open up to start communicating and sharing.

I like to plan ahead; I like to be organized; and I believe that knowledge is power.

Knowing something needs to be done and actually doing it are two sides of a coin toss. I know that doing something that needs to be done always feels better than leaving something hanging and then dealing with the consequences.

So let's get this conversation started. What have you started that was difficult to begin?

Here's an article regarding three generations starting their conversation.

I believe the subject matter I am contemplating for this blog-my first ever- is compelling and necessary, and my next entry will queue it up.

In the meantime, enjoy today while planning for tomorrow.