Memorial Day

Memorial Day has come and gone, yet the multitude of American flags still adorn the streets of our town.

Perhaps the town you live in had a parade, or a memorial service at the local Town cemetery to commemorate and remember the lives that others sacrificed for your freedom in these United States of America.  Our National anthem was proudly sung, or played,  around the country.  Flags flapped at gravesites and fresh flowers and wreaths adorned gravestones. People gathered to pause and to remember.

In our family, the Memorial day holiday always surrounded the dates of some very important birthdays, this year being no exception.

 On May 29th, my mother, Nonnie would have celebrated her 80th birthday.  On May 30th, our very favorite and best-dog-ever, Lilly, would have celebrated her 18th birthday (I think). And today, Boo is 82!

This Memorial Day conjured up some memories of past birthday celebrations, highlighted by the gaping absence of my mother on what would have been a festive celebration for her 80th birthday, as well as reflections of remembering and honoring the many American soldiers who lost their lives.    

Arlington National Cemetery has a beautiful website with photos that take your breath away.  There are very strict guidelines for burial services and eligibility of being buried in this historical,  hallowed place. 

For those of you who have buried a loved one who died serving our country, I salute you and your family.  The photos of the rows and rows and rows of grave markers at the Arlington National Cemetery stops one in their tracks.  These people were fathers, and mothers, sons and daughters, and spouses and parents of someone.    

Our "bad" dog Lucy's ashes are ready to be picked up at the veterinarians office today.  It is time to go choose that smooth round stone to mark her grave with her name and bury her next to her other buddies, Lilly and Ellie and Astro.  We don't have any strict guidelines for Lucy's burial and her gravesite won't be visited by millions of visitors, but she will be remembered by us-every Memorial Day.

I'm sharing an old  favorite photo of Nonnie with her parents, and Boo! 



Happy 80th birthday in heaven Mom! Give Lucy a hug and a treat for us! 

How does your family celebrate Memorial Day? Who do you take time to remember? Share with me.