Organ Donor

Have you ever thought about donating your body, eyes, or tissue when you die?  Or other parts of you?

Most likely, you are probably feeling a bit squeemish about this topic.  I get it.  But it is a topic that deserves our attention and something that is so very important to consider and then act on.

So many factors are involved in considering whether or not you want to donate your body.

First and foremost-you must register. Nothing can or will be done unless you register.

Facebook has created a great call to action.

In May 2012, Facebook introduced an option to allow its  users to add Organ Donor to their profiles. It provided, with a click of a button, the ease with which to take action for doing something most people are not even willing to have a conversation about.  In one easy click, you can opt to be one of the millions of people who will, one day (because death is inevitable)  make a life changing gift of part of their body to another human being in need.  How cool is that?

In case you haven't broached this topic with anyone, or even thought that you might be someone who wants to be an organ donor, or have not had the courage to do it, please check out this link at Donate Life America.

What do you want to have happen to your body upon your death?

For training future doctors? Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical School in Hanover, NH will accept your entire body if you have pre-registered. Learn more at

For scientific research? 

For other specific purposes?  I keep thinking about the success of transplantation operations that give others the hope of leading "normal lives" again after tragic accidents.

Donate Life America lists some of the following facts on their website repeated below:

  • Anyone can be a potential donor-regardless of age, race, or medical history 
  • All major religions in USA support organ donations
  • A hospitals number one priority is to save your life-donation only occurs when you have died
  • An open casket funeral is still possible for organ donors
  • There is no cost to the donor or the family for donation 

Recently, I  had a conversation with a mother whose son had died in an accident.  One of the topics she brought up was the donation of his organs had helped save the lives of others in need.  She said it was his "gift", a "treasure", and that "something good came out of something bad". 

I imagine this is not easy for everyone when faced with the decision of whether to be an organ donor or not.  But I can also imagine that after I am dead and my body is no longer any use to me, I would like to be remembered for having made someone else's life better.

Let's talk. What do you think about being an organ donor? Have you talked about this subject to your parents? Your spouse? Someone?