Thanks Boo

Thanksgiving is a special holiday. Besides the great joy derived from gathering family members together  for a scrumptious  feast,  channel surfing between football games and the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade on TV, and, in our family, many rounds of competitive ping-pong matches, it is a time to reflect upon being grateful for each other and for giving to others who may be less fortunate.

When Nonnie was alive, we would write down on a piece of paper and then share our answers to the question posed at the dining table:  "what are you most thankful for?" My favorite all time response was from my nephew, Toddy, who at a young age, blurted out with great joy that he was "thankful for Nonnie"!  Cheers and laughter erupted after his announcement. I am thankful and blessed to have such a wonderful, loving  husband, children, brother, family, friends and mentors and I am thankful for Boo.  I will be with Boo on Thanksgiving Day. You can bet that we will continue our conversation about planning for the inevitable. That's just what we do. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Start the conversation with your loved ones if you haven't already. PS-Boo brought me a copy of Nonnie's family burial plot for my files! It shows who is buried there and where. Thanks Boo!