"Death by Design" Episode 17: Barbara Bates Sedoric - LastingMatters

Kimberly C. Paul wants to radically change the way people face end of life, and she's using her extensive experience as a storyteller to do just that.  

Barbara Bates Sedoric, Founder and President of LastingMatters and Author of The LastingMatters Organizer, shares her story and passion for helping every adult plan ahead for the inevitable in her interview with “Death by Design” Founder Kimberly C. Paul.

“Everyone has a personal story of what calls them to action when they come to the crossroads of life and death.  As a former estates and trust paralegal, Barbara Bates Sedoric was always one to be prepared and ready for anything and everything...until the day she wasn't".

The concept of “Death by Design” is to inspire individuals and their families to create a blueprint for an inevitable journey that reflects the beauty of life and the positive destination of end of life.

Barbara's interview follows Ellen Goodman, co-Founder and Director of The Conversation Project and Nathan Kottkamp, Founder of NHDD.Org as well as many other leading experts and contributors.