Diane Atwood Recommends The LastingMatters Organizer to Help Families Avoid Hassles after Death

Diane Atwood is the author of "Catching Health" - a blog launched in 2011 for health reporting that makes a difference. Diane was the health reporter for WCSH 6 in Portland, Maine and as a freelance health and wellness writer decided a health focused blog would extend her passion and knowledge about a myriad of health topics, events, and issues to a widespread audience.

Barbara Sedoric, Founder of LastingMatters, contacted Diane after reading her blog post titled "Why we need to talk about what we want at the end of life" to introduce her and her audience to The LastingMatters Organizer - a comprehensive tool and resource to help adults with end of life planning.

Diane recommended the Organizer and published a piece about how to help your familiy avoid future hassles by letting them in on all the details about your life and wishes by compiling your information in The LastingMatters Organizer.