LastingMatters FAQs


Why do I need The LastingMatters Organizer?

Death is inevitable and everyone dies, but it can be a difficult subject to discuss or address in any straightforward manner. We live longer than we’ve ever lived before, but we typically remain stuck in avoidance of the topic, and certainly don’t plan for it as we should. A  lack of planning for death can lead to excessive expense, arguments and chaos for loved ones at a time when they are grieving. Taking time now to capture your personal information and intentions in your "planning for death checklist" will greatly reduce the costs, guesswork and stress associated with your death. Planning for death is a priceless gift to your loved ones! We plan for weddings and vacations and retirement don't we?

Who Is The LastingMatters Organizer designed for?

The LastingMatters Organizer was developed for all adults. Whether 21 or 83, healthy or terminally ill, YOU are the person the Organizer was designed for. It is a place to consider, document and store information that will be incredibly useful to those you leave behind upon your death, and since few of us know when that will be, it’s an essential end-of-life planning workbook and tool for each of us right now.

How is it intended to be used after I’m gone?

It’s a simple, one-stop destination where your loved ones will find everything they need to know in the days right before, right after, and long after you die. All they have to do is know where The LastingMatters Organizer is – the rest will take care of itself.

I already have a Will – isn’t that enough?

The LastingMatters Organizer does not replace your Will or Living Will. It is not a legal document. Instead, it captures information that is often overlooked, focusing on the myriad of practical matters, personal intentions, and private decisions that are part of our everyday lives. You decide what you want to share with your family and/or friends, and we give you an easy way to do that. If you have not yet created a Will, The LastingMatters Organizer can be a helpful tool in prompting you to think about what matters to you and what might matter after you are gone. The LastingMatters Organizer complements the process of estate planning.

I don’t really care about what happens after I die; I’m not sure it matters to me at all. Why can’t I just let my family and friends decide? 

It’s tempting to think it doesn’t matter what happens after your death; after all, you are gone! But the truth is, your friends and family end up having to deal with hundreds of decisions for you after you die.  Whether you tell them or not, the decisions still have to be made.  It is a hard but powerfully loving decision to face your own mortality and prepare for your death. It removes the burden from those you love and gives them the gift of peace of mind.

I’m not sure if there’s anything to communicate with my loved ones that I haven’t already shared. 

Often, the people who are closest to you do know on some level what it is you want, what you care about, what you hope will be shared and what you want remembered about your life. But the irony is, these are the same people that will be deeply grieving after your death, making it difficult for them to be the definitive source of information.
There are also many topics you may never have thought to document before, along with details like passwords and phone numbers that not even the most devoted loved one could possibly be asked to track. 

Who should keep the copy of this once I’m finished?

You should keep your copy with you and inform your loved ones, friends and/or your estate planning attorney or financial advisor about its location. Or, you may choose to give your copy to someone you trust for safekeeping.

How often should I update the Organizer?

For most of us, day to day information changes faster than we can keep up with. New technologies, new jobs, new passwords, belongings and bank accounts are constantly being formed and disbanded. It’s a good idea to update your Organizer every year. It’s organized by topic to make it easy to flip to a section you’d like to keep up to date.  You should  also consider completing a new LastingMatters Organizer every few years or as major life events occur.  

Can I order copies of The LastingMatters Organizer at a bulk-rated discount?

Absolutely! Go to the "Ask Barb" section of this website.  Check the box and send an email requesting information about bulk orders and pricing and Barb will respond to your request.

Can I make a gift of The LastingMatters Organizer?

Yes, you can. You can purchase and make gifts of the print book or the eBook version when you order your own copy through the website. 

How do I use the fillable eBook version of the Organizer?

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