LastingMatters Founder addresses advisors at Steward Partners Global Advisory Symposium

Steward Partners Global Advisory is an employee owned, full-service independent financial services partnership associated with Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. with professionals catering to family, institutional and multigenerational investors.

Steward Partners recently held its 2nd Annual Symposium, inviting Barbara Bates Sedoric, President and Founder of LastingMatters, to present two breakout sessions to an audience of financial advisors.  Barbara introduced LastingMatters and discussed how advisors can help their clients, and the next generation of investors, to plan ahead for incapacity and end-of-life.  Organizing personal information and wishes is a “gift” for clients and for their heirs while helping to secure, enhance, and deepen the advisor’s relationships with future generations.

Sedoric said “when a client becomes incapacitated or passes away, families need comfort, they need a plan, and they need trusted advisors they can turn to and depend on”. LastingMatters puts advisors in the central role helping guide their clients in meaningful end-of-life conversations and planning. LastingMatters is a priceless planning tool currently missing from the cadre of financial planning software offered at every large financial firm.

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