National Association of Estate Planners & Councils adds The LastingMatters Organizer as Resource/Benefit for Members

The LastingMatters Organizer is now listed as a "Benefit for Members" on the National Association of Estate Planners & Councils. 

NAEPC's mission is "to promote the multi-disciplinary approach to estate planning by supporting local estate planning councils and their members and by encouraging the formation of new councils."

The LastingMatters Organizer is a tool that estate planning professionals can use to help their clients collect and outine critical information and wishes, deepening their relationships with their multigenerational clients.  Estate Planners know all too well that there are many questions that quickly arise after someone dies or is incapacitated.

By encorporating The LastingMatters Organizer into the estate planning process, Estate Planners can help their clients take one large step forward toward ensuring an orderly transition of their assets, their family knowledge and history, as well as their treasured belongings. Doing so will ultimately help family members, heirs and caregivers avoid the chaos and confusion that erupts all too often during these emotionally charged times.