New Hampshire Business Review and LastingMatters- End-of-life Planning

NHBR introduced LastingMatters founder Barbara Sedoric to their readers on September 19 highlighting this comprehensive and practical approach to one of the most difficult subjects of all- the inevitability of death and how to plan for it. Decisions, details and documents are all needed when someone dies. While the organizer was created to help any adult, at any age, there are millions of baby boomers that have aging parents and many have not articulated important personal information that their families will want to know, and will need to know when the inevitable happens. Sedoric says "I've learned that we may personally consider such issues as wills and estate planning or cremations or burial.  Yet, we don't often communicate the daily details of our lives and what is to happen when we die.  Planning for the end is not something people do.  Some people think if they make a plan about dying or death it will happen. My goal is to look at this as practical and not something fearful and to have this become a gift to your family."