Pax World Management LLC "Women and Wealth" Recommends The LastingMatters Organizer as Great Tool for Advisors

Pax World Management “Investing in Women” March 2015 newsletter recommends The LastingMatters Organizer in the “Practice Management Tip” section- “a great tool for advisors to use with clients, helping to organize their personal intentions”. 

“Make it Happen” was the theme for International Women’s Day March 8, 2015. What do you do to “Make it Happen” and how do you help your female clients asks Kathleen McQuiggan. 

Kathleen McQuiggan leads the Women & Wealth platform providing financial advisors tools and resources to help them cultivate and serve female clients. Kathleen is also Managing Director of Pax Ellevate Management, a partnership between Pax World Management LLC and Ellevate Asset Management LLC, whose principal is Sallie Krawcheck. 

The Practice Management Tip recommends The LastingMatters Organizer as a “value added tool which will deepen the relationship between advisors and their clients across multiple generations”. 

The monthly Women and Wealth newsletter sponsored by Pax World Management LLC is geared toward women’s unique needs and to help advisors and their female clients by providing reports and information that can make a difference in serving women. 

“We think this tool can be especially important to women, as they tend to be the caretakers of their families”.