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"The LastingMatters Organizer is a Critical Part of any Comprehensive Financial Plan" 

The LastingMatters Organizer is a critical part of any comprehensive financial plan.  While an estate plan addresses the accumulated assets and belongings in one's life, this organizer provides a guide for passing on the intangible but important memories, wishes and values collected over a person's lifetime.  If you really care about someone, you should introduce them to The LastingMatters Organizer.

Russ Thornton -

"An Accessible Tool That Every Family Should Own and Use!"

Barb Sedoric has made planning for death a little less onerous.  The LastingMatters workbook's simple design and elegant formatting make it an accessible tool that every family should own and use!

Jennifer Brokaw, MD

“This is a Great Tool for Financial Advisors to Use With Their Clients”

We co-hosted a practice management webinar with Barb for financial advisors on the importance of including a “legacy wishes” discussion in the planning process for all individuals and families.  While many advisors may find this conversation a difficult one to raise with clients, The LastingMatters Organizer is the perfect tool to help clients prepare for the inevitable in a thoughtful way and is meant to make the entire process so much easier.  It was actually our most popular webinar to date, the presentation was excellent and the response has been very positive.  LastingMatters can help advisors have a different kind of conversation with their clients, honoring their legacy wishes and protecting their loved ones. 

Joe Keefe - President and CEO, Pax World Management

"The LastingMatters Organizer is a Comprehensive Guide for Any Person, Sick or Healthy..."

The LastingMatters Organizer is a comprehensive guide for any person, sick or healthy, in outlining for their loved ones all the important things we too infrequently consider, as well as all the nuts and bolts of life that too often get neglected by us all.  The LastingMatters program is a key part of ensuring that all of us not only receive medical care consistent with our wishes, but also that we live every day as fully as possible, and that our loved ones can too, even after we are gone.

Andrew S. Epstein, MD - Medical Oncologist, New York, New York

"I Find the Organizer to be a Great Tool and Plan to Give it Out as a Year-End Thank You Gift to Many Clients"

When I first heard about The LastingMatters Organizer, I was skeptical. I guess it comes with the territory as a native New Yorker, but keeping an open mind I agreed to review the Organizer and I'm so happy I did!  The LastingMatters Organizer is a one of a kind and is not the boring typical "Family Organizer" which many of us Financial Advisors have seen over the years.  The LastingMatters Organizer is truly easy to use and completely comprehensive.  The LastingMatters Organizer makes it easier for families to discuss the "hard" topics they might not want to address.  I find the Organizer to be a great tool and plan to give it out as a year-end thank you gift to many clients.

Carrie S. Gallaway, CFP - Managing Director - Wealth Management, Lebenthal Wealth Advisors, LLC, New York City, NY

"LastingMatters Provides a Critical Link"

From an attorney’s perspective, LastingMatters provides the critical link between a fully executed estate plan and the nuanced minutia of personal information that Executors, Trustees, and loved ones find extremely helpful after someone’s passing. From a millennial’s perspective, so much of our lives are in computers and other password protected technologies (online banking, automatic bill pay, online brokerage accounts, etc.); LastingMatters has a whole section on digital assets that allows for a seamless transition and easy access to those assets upon death.

Patrick O. Collins, Esquire - Estate Planning Attorney 

"Clear, easy -to-use, and not overwhelming. That's The LastingMatters Organizer."

Clear, easy-to-use, and not overwhelming. That’s The LastingMatters Organizer. At 51, I sure didn’t want to or have the time to think about even the possibility that someday I might not be able to communicate my wishes on some very personal topics. But The LastingMatters Organizer made it easy — almost painless — to do so. My family is thrilled and I am relieved. Now, all I have to do is update it occasionally — the hard work is already done! Highly recommend!

Margaret Welch, St. Louis, MO - Principle, MGW Communications - Communications Consultant 

"Thank You For Your Interesting and Useful Articles"

I read with interest a recent blog post on your LastingMatters website.  The post was entitled “Incapacity Happens”.  It began as the always pertinent reminder to readers and their families to remember to make provisions for incapacity.  We know that we should talk among families members to determine what we want in certain circumstances where we may not be able to communicate and would want family members to carry out our wishes.  We know that following through with the preparation and signing of powers of attorney is very important.  However, what I found to be new and helpful was the comment that Medicare will now reimburse physicians who discuss end of life wishes with their patients. 

The topics that your blog raises are typically topics that I am very familiar with as an estate planning attorney.  However,  I am often pleasantly surprised by your inclusion of additional information or your different or unique viewpoint on how we proceed to get these important matters accomplished.

Thank you for your interesting and useful articles.

Simone D. Masse, Esquire - Estate Planning Attorney at Robinson, Boesch, Sennott & Masse, P.A. 

"We Hope to Make Things Simple for Our Children When the Time Comes" 

My husband and I have both lost our parents and feel now is a good time to get our own affairs in order. It’s not just reviewing the will and health care directives but there is so much more that needs to be taken care of when a person dies. The LastingMatters Organizer is a great resource as it makes you think about the many things your family will need to settle your estate and it also gives you an opportunity to make your wishes known to others.  We hope to make things simple for our children when the time comes and the more information we can give them the easier it will be.  Death is not a cheerful subject to talk about but bringing The LastingMatters Organizer into the conversation can be a comfortable way to discuss the matter while we are healthy.  As you fill out your organizer and write things down you are leaving your family one final gift.

Vicki Walters - Stratham, New Hampshire

"This Resource Could Save You and Your Loved Ones From Unnecessary Stress and Grief"

The LastingMatters Organizer is one that I recommend everyone consider as they look at completing and compiling all the important documents and information that will make things so much easier for their family and survivors.  It guides you with understandable questions and gets you thinking about all the details that might get missed.  This resource could save you and your loved ones from unnecessary stress and grief.

Amy Florian - CEO of Corgenius

"Most People Want to Get Their Affairs in Order to Avoid Leaving a Mess For Their Loved Ones"

As an estate planning attorney, I talk with people about planning for their own death on a daily basis.  Most people that I work with want to get their affairs in order to avoid leaving a mess for their loved ones.  Most people want to do a nice job.  What most people don’t know is what a really nice job entails.  Many folks come to my office without knowing what needs to be done or how to get it done.  When the ink is dry on the will, advance directives and revocable trust, folks will often stop thinking about their own mortality.  That is understandable.  Thinking about your own death is not pleasant.  Others want to ensure that all the little details are handled well.  For those folks who want to consider planning for all the tasks that often get left undone, I suggest that they look at the LastingMatters website and handbook.  I believe that once people know all the helpful information with which they can supply their family, planning for all the little details will catch on.  People will want their own family to have the luxury of knowing the story behind the family heirlooms or knowing exactly what their loved one wanted their memorial service to include.

Christine S. Anderson - Estate Planning Attorney - Ansell & Anderson, P.A. 

“The LastingMatters Organizer is the Greatest Gift a Person Can Give and Receive”

When Barbara says that The LastingMatters Organizer is the most loving gift a person can give or receive, she is understating its importance. The Organizer goes beyond loving.  It becomes a cherished document that will be part of the family for decades.  A living manuscript that gives a family a true narrative of what Mom and Dad hold most dear, what traditions they value, what stories they want the family to remember and what their true wishes are when they die.

Thank you Barbara for this gift.

Ted Fuller - Founder of Fuller Communications

"The LastingMatters Organizer is a Resource Every Household Should Maintain" 

The LastingMatters Organizer is a resource every household should maintain.  Invaluable when tragedy strikes and most helpful for day-to-day living.  In my 40 year career as an investment advisor, we often witness the orderly passing of loved ones.  Every year however, we can expect a shock, an unexpected death.  The Organizer provides important guidance for those left behind.  It references all the major legal documents which will greatly simplify the complex work associated with a death, but it also takes it to the next level, detailing personal items, genealogy, family traditions and more.  It can be the little things – photos, jewelry, a tuxedo, a piece of art – that can cause hurt feelings never anticipated by the deceased.  A legacy of parenting, work, volunteering, and play may be taken for granted by the family today, but cherished by generations to come. 

The modern family is a complex organization. Most couples share the duties.  One partner may do all the financials, bill paying, investing and taxes. The other running the homes and the family and social life.  The Organizer is the go to source for all the contact information for the dozens of folks we need to keep things going.

We recommend The LastingMatters Organizer to all.  It will take some time to complete.  Just get started.  Use pencil as this is a living document.  It may be the best thirty bucks you ever spent!

Joseph M. Barry, Jr., CFA - Managing Member of Barry Investment Advisors

"The LastingMatters Organizer is a Needed Gem"

I have been using Barbara Sedoric's LASTINGMATTERS® Organizer with clients, both as a helpful record of their personal information, and also as a reminder to them of those things about which they should be thinking. Commonly, they are reminded of matters they had not considered when doing their estate planning, and it has been helpful to them in understanding what they have, where they want it to go, and, sometimes, how complex their lives are. I commend this book to estate planning practitioners and their clients. It is a needed gem. 

Brad Cook - Chair of Sheehan Phinney Bass + Green's Estate Planning and Probate Practice Area 

"A Difficult Subject Made Easier"

It's never easy to broach the topic of inevitable death with your family, but Barbara Sedoric makes it a little easier with The LastingMatters Organizer.  Even if your parent or sibling completes just the first chapter, the information will lessen the wrenching decisions you have to make when a loved one dies.  I thought the book was so well written and designed and the questions it posed so thorough, I bought one for my parents and each of my four adult sisters.

Catherine K. Griffiths - Exeter, NH

"Great Book to Organize Your Affairs"

Unless you have lost someone (or even if you haven't) it's tough to understand these issues.  This is a well organized and thoughtful book to help you through the end of life planning process.  The LastingMatters Organizer will save you a lot of time and anguish.  Everyone should send a copy to their loved ones.  This is a very sensitive approach to what can be a very difficult conversation.  Well done!

P. Miller - St. Louis, MO