Sallie Krawcheck's Ellevate Network Hosts LastingMatters Jam Session- Planning for Death

Ellevate is a global professional women's network launched by Sallie Krawcheck. The Ellevate network is dedicated to connecting, learning and investing in women and recently hosted a "Jam Session" about planning for the inevitable with presenter Barbara Bates Sedoric, President and Founder of LastingMatters.  LastingMatters is a company that helps any adult, at any age, plan for what happens after their death - by compiling, organizing and documenting life's most important personal information in an easy-to use, practical and comprehensive guide titled The LastingMatters Organizer.

Sedoric states that even though it is difficult to have conversations about death and dying and what matters at the end of life, as well as what happens after death, that it is not difficult to actually make a plan for life's final transition. Making a plan now will save family members time, money, stress and family pressures associated with the death of a loved one.