Sheehan, Phinney Bass + Green PA Shines Spotlight on The LastingMatters Organizer- A Comprehensive Guide for Planning for Death

Sheehan, Phinney Bass + Green PA, a well known and well respected NH law firm, put The LastingMatters Organizer in their fall 2014 "Good Company" newsletter.  Daniel Fink's interview with Barbara Bates Sedoric, President and Founder of LastingMatters, a company founded to help adults plan for death, is highlighted in the "Client Spotlight". Barbara is the Author of The LastingMatters Organizer, a step by step guide designed for recording life's most important information resulting in a comprehensive resource for end-of-life planning. 

Brad Cook, Chair of Sheehan, Phinney Bass and Green's Estate Planning and Probate Practice Area said " I commend this book to estate planning practitioners and their clients. It is a much needed gem."

The organizer leads the user through the process of thinking about and documenting all the important things (both large and small) that one might want taken care of after death. "Making a plan doesn't meant that you will use it immediately," Sedoric notes. "It just means that you care about your loved ones."