Coffin Shopping

September 13, 2013

A good time to shop for a coffin is before you actually need one.  This sounds a bit morbid doesn't it?

But let's compare this scenario to shopping for a new car or  a wedding dress or a home.

Honestly, do you get the best deal when you shop last minute?  Do you get what you want for a good value?

Storage Wars

July 19, 2013

Have you asked your parents (or anyone) to keep and store your personal items?

This list might include your furniture, your trophies, your collections of school projects, your personal letters and/or diaries, your yearbooks, and your paperback books and magazine collections.

Don't forget about your photo albums, your scrap books, your halloween costumes and your old bikes, riding toys and camping gear!


July 7, 2013

Why do we spend our lives adding tangible personal property to the already large mountain of "stuff" and complexities in our lives, when ultimately we will reach a tipping point when we end up having to toss, discard, donate and downsize our objects and our lives in the end?

Conversation Starters

June 14, 2013

Remember those awkward conversations with your parents about "the birds and the bees"?  Back in the days when you felt cornered by your parents who nervously attempted to discuss the uncomfortable topic of sex, babies and body parts during that equally awkward stage of pre-pubescent adolescence?

What is Crisis?

May 17, 2013

The word "crisis" congures up a plethora of definitions and sharp images that come to mind depending on one's life experiences, or what is headlined in our 24/7/365  stream of news reporting, or your own fruitful imagination as well as recalling your nightmare from last nights dream.

My Bucket Runneth Over

May 3, 2013

Have you ever experienced that uneasy sensation in your physical being and the rattling going on in your mind? Those uneasy signs of being completely overwhelmed?

Do you ever go to sleep at night and worry yourself into a frenzy about all the things that are happening to you and to those around you knowing you don't have any control over what's going on?

Is your to-do list a mile long and your inbox overflowing?

Frequent Flyer Miles

April 12, 2013

Have you saved up miles on various airlines for years just waiting for that special day when you will call them into action?

Will you use them to upgrade your back of the plane coach seat to first class, or to travel across one of the oceans to explore another continent, or perhaps to take a free airplane trip to a long awaited and fabulous dream destination?

I have saved some.  Well, not thousands of miles, but enough to do something I suppose.