Tasks To Do

What is Crisis?

May 17, 2013

The word "crisis" congures up a plethora of definitions and sharp images that come to mind depending on one's life experiences, or what is headlined in our 24/7/365  stream of news reporting, or your own fruitful imagination as well as recalling your nightmare from last nights dream.

Death and Taxes

April 19, 2013

 Tax day, April 15th, has passed and you have either successfully filed your tax returns in a timely fashion, filed for an extention kicking the can down the street until the August filing date, or you will not have bothered with your taxes at all and you will get it done when you are good and ready to do so!

Spring Cleaning

March 22, 2013

March 20 marks the first day of spring.

You would not know it's spring from the snowstorm which just dumped a ton of  heavy snow in southern New Hampshire, but it's true. Spring is officially here!

Besides enjoying longer days, budding flowers and trees, and shedding winter coats and boots for lighter attire, spring means cleaning.

No Vacancy

November 26, 2012

Several years ago, my beloved Aunt Leticia died suddenly and was buried next to her husband in a quaint cemetery plot on Nantucket Island on a very stormy afternoon. For whatever reason, I started thinking about where I might want to be buried. This had never before been a topic of conversation at the dinner table.