What's On Your Bucket List?

Why is it that most people, when making a Bucket List of the things they wish to do, achieve, visit, explore, master, or dream about in their lifetimes, seem to wait until what seems to be the very last minute...as they approach the end of their chronological lives, rather than creating the Bucket List when  younger and when there is a greater possibility of time to complete goals and check off those lists?

Do you have a bucket list?  If not, why not?  If you do, kudos to you!

Joy Johnson, the oldest female to recently run the NYC marathon, died shortly after proudly showing off her medal to Al Roker on the Today show the day following her successful completion of a marathon.  She apparently fell, hitting her head during the race, yet refused medical care and continued her quest to finish the marathon. 

The Wall Street Journal reported that Joy said that she wanted "to die running. That's my goal"  

While not really intended, Joy accomplished her goals of completing the marathon, meeting Al Roker, and she died doing what she loved most. 

I have often read descriptions in newpapers, particularly obituaries, where "someone died doing what he or she loved doing".

Those words often describe adventurous types of people; athletes and those with ambitious bucket list items -such as those who attempt to climb to the summit of Mount Everest without oxygen, or surf the biggest wave in Hawaii, or explore deep, dark underwater caves miles below the earth's surface. Nick Mevoli died recently while free diving. 

Dying while doing something you love to do sounds right to me.

If you have yet to see "The Bucket List" movie, I highly recommend adding it to your own "movie" Bucket List-have a box of kleenex ready though because it is a tear jerker.  The movie portrays the wonders of human nature, friendships, and end-of-life moments. 

You can find some Bucket List ideas on BucketList.org website , if you need some help!  One of my favorite books is 1,000 Places to see Before You Die.  If you love to travel, this book has it all.

It's all about enjoying life. We all know that death is inevitable. We just don't know exactly when.

So, get out a pen and start writing your bucket list today so you can start making plans to check things off your list tomorrow.  I imagine that Joy Johnson would encourage us all to start right away, pursue those passions, and go after your dreams every day!

Here's a photo from one of my very own "Bucket List" adventures with family in Alaska.   


Share any interesting or unusual items you might have on your Bucket List, or a story about checking one off your list in the comment section below.