Post Death Tweets?

CNN's red alerts just shot across my Ipad sharing the breaking news  announcing the death of Tom Clancy at age 66.

The good news is that the alert temporarily interupted the diatribe of elected officials regarding the government's shut down.

 I am such a Tom Clancy fan so this is sad news. Who hasn't seen "Hunt For Red October" several times? or read "Patriot Games"?

The scarier part however is that his young age of 66 jumped out of the alert and hit me hard... probably because 66 is not so very far away in my life span.  So this death announcement brings me to a halt while I ponder the shorter runway ahead of me.

Another strange thought - What actually happens to Tom Clancy's tweets and all his followers now that he is dead?

I discovered that you are actually able to send out tweets from the grave.  Wierd but true. Read about it and then let's talk.

Here are my questions and thoughts:

  • Why in the world would anyone want to have a tweet, post or broadcast anything after death?
  • How do you stop that from happening automatically?
  • What do you all think about this?
  • What would you choose to tweet? and why?
  • What would your family think?
  • Somebody needs to know how to shut off the faucet eventually.
  • How does the family of a celebrity separate a private life from a very public life after death?

 And apparently there is an app for that.

So what do you think Tom Clancy's last tweet would be? Share your thoughts with me below!

What would you tweet?

My mom would have said "this is all utter nonsense"!

I need to sit and think about it some more. It would need to be very clever tweet. Perhaps something funny too, like the cartoon below...