Maria Shriver Posts Another Inspirational Story by Barbara Bates Sedoric- How To Find Joy At the End of Life, Even While Planning A Funeral

Maria Shriver's website,, posts another "Inspirational Story for Architects of Change" by Barbara Bates Sedoric.  Sedoric asks her readers to consider this fact of life: How much effort do we often put planning for vacations, weddings and sometimes our retirement, but how often do we plan for the nitty-gritty practical details of planning a funeral or planning for death?

The reality is not often enough - leaving families unprepared for the inevitable.  

Barbara tells the story of her friend who, after a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, enjoyed checking items off her bucket list while planning the personal details of her own funeral. Planning ahead for one's funeral is a gift to those left behind as they gather together to say goodbye to and celebrate the life of their loved one.