NHPR Exchange lists The LastingMatters Organizer as a Must-Read Book for Summer 2014

Yesterday, on NHPR Exchange, during the daily morning program,  Laura Knoy discussed the Must-Read Books for Summer 2014 with Dan Chartrand of Water Street Bookstore in Exeter, NH and Michael Herrmann of Gibson's Bookstore in Concord, NH.  Both bookstores are independently owned and operated and both promote and highlight various authors, including local and self-published authors.

Listening to the great conversation between Laura Knoy, her guest speakers, and the call-ins all suggesting what to read this summer, certainly caught my attention as an avid reader always looking for suggestions from others before heading to a bookstore to purchase one.

Much to this listener's surprise, at the end of the program  (46.30 minutes to be exact) Dan Chartrand introduced The LastingMatters Organizer to Laura Knoy and to all of the NHPR listeners as a book not to be missed this summer.  Dan sited The LastingMatters Organizer as a great example of a beautifully designed, self-published book that will benefit each and every adult in end-of-life planning and planning for death.